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February Flowers

Amidst the chilly grip of winter, there's nothing quite as exhilarating as the vibrant burst of colour and fragrance from freshly cut flowers! February may be traditionally associated with frosty landscapes, but thanks to modern technology, we're blessed with an abundance of blooms that can brighten up our homes even in the depths of winter. So, whether it's a cheerful bouquet of tulips, a fragrant arrangement of hyacinths, or a stunning display of roses, there's no shortage of floral delights to lift our spirits and infuse our homes with warmth and beauty during this wintry season!



Get ready to welcome the sunshine indoors with the early arrival of daffodils! With varieties like 'February Gold' and 'Tête-à-tête,' these cheerful yellow blooms are among the first to grace us with their presence. Not only do they add a burst of vibrant colour, but their delightful fragrance promises to uplift any space. When arranging daffodils, it's best to let them shine on their own due to their sticky stems, ensuring they take centre stage in all their glory!


daffodil flowers on tablescape




Originating from Central Asia and historically imported from Holland, cut tulips hit the flower market earlier than those blooming in your own garden. These beauties don't just come in an array of stunning colours; each hue carries its own unique symbolism. For instance, purple tulips symbolise royalty and elegance, while white tulips are associated with forgiveness. To create a captivating tablescape, we suggest mixing tulips in the same colour tones to achieve a cohesive and harmonious look. Whether you're aiming for a regal purple palette or an ethereal white ambiance, let the symbolism and beauty of tulips infuse your space with charm and grace!

tulip arrangement with antique tableware tablescape




Get ready to embrace the early whispers of spring with the delicate beauty of snowdrops! Blooming between January and March, these resilient flowers emerge from the chilly earth, heralding the arrival of brighter days ahead. Perfectly suited for pots, snowdrops thrive in containers and can be effortlessly incorporated into your antique-inspired table decor.


Hyacinths not only exude a delightful fragrance but also boast vibrant colours and lush foliage, making them perfect candidates for enhancing our own creations, including our signature tureens. By strategically incorporating these bulbs into our designs, we infuse each table setting with an extra layer of refinement and allure, ensuring that every event we curate is truly unforgettable.


hyacinth planted in antique chinese tureen