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Founder Miranda Uechtritz standing in front of a dinner table setting in a paris apartment

About Miranda

My affinity for exquisite objects has been a lifelong pursuit. Growing up amidst the captivating antiques from my mother's personal collection honed my discerning eye and fueled my passion for distinctive homewares, furniture, and fashion pieces. This journey naturally led me into the realms of interior design and, subsequently, exclusive event design and management, where my true love and flair blossomed in the nuanced art of creative table decor.

Fueled by my obsession with collecting 18th-century wine goblets and French embroidered table linens, Maison Fête came to life. Each piece within Maison Fête is a unique and hand-selected treasure sourced from across Europe, each one bringing me immense joy with its rich history and enduring charm. Should you not discover precisely what you seek, I extend private sourcing services. Whether you're yearning for a specific style or era of an item, or aiming to craft the perfect table setting for a special occasion, I invite you to contact me at