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Our Mission

At Maison Fête, our mission is to infuse everyday elegance into your gatherings, transforming ordinary moments into magical experiences with a touch of historical sophistication. We aim to elevate each day by blending the timeless beauty of antique pieces with the vibrancy of contemporary life.

Personally Sourced

Every piece in our collection is personally sourced by me, Miranda Uechtritz. My lifelong passion for exquisite and unique objects takes me across the United Kingdom, France and beyond, searching for treasures that have a story to tell. From 18th-century wine goblets to French embroidered table linens, I ensure that each item reflects a standard of beauty and quality that will bring timeless elegance to your table.

Empowering You With Confidence

At Maison Fête, we do more than just sell antiques; we provide you with the confidence to use and enjoy these beautiful pieces every day. Understanding that handling and hosting with antique tableware can seem daunting, we offer guidance and inspiration through our digital book, "Art de la Table: Mastering the Art of Antique Table Styling." This resource is packed with insights on not only how to style and care for these items but also how to host with elegance and ease, ensuring you can entertain with confidence and flair.

For personalised assistance or to explore our unique collection, please contact us at Let us help you bring everyday elegance to your table, making each gathering a cherished experience.