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 This year Maison Fête has harmonized the Christmas table to reflect the spirit of coming together, where the table setting brings about ignited conversations and the crockery has an enchanting story to tell. The Maison Fête festive table goes beyond the perfectly matched and predictable table setting. Instead, each piece is carefully hand-picked by antique dealer Miranda Uechtritz to create the most inviting feast. Abundant with foraged foliage and antique crockery upon a 1920’s French faded linen tablecloth, Miranda ensures that each piece is catalyzed by history. The wintery sun-soaked Seend House in Wiltshire, England was the chosen backdrop for this Maison Fête Christmas creation, adorn with warming hues incaved within the decadent greenhouse, making it the perfect choice for this collection to shine.

 “The heart of the Christmas meal is always the table, so I wanted to show no matter how big or small, you can create magical moments when incorporating antiques over the festivities.”


Miranda, who founded  Maison Fête in December 2020, is a detective of sorts, regularly travelling across Europe and England in search of specific antiques. Her ambition is for each piece to be given a new lease of life with the hope her customers pass them down as heirlooms and repurpose the pieces across the seasons.


“I have watched the tablescape industry flourish over the years, but I want to encourage people to shop sustainably and with intention. For me, antiques have always been fascinating. I believe it is important to think about where your pieces come from and ask yourself will this last me a lifetime?”


Incorporating antique pieces on your table reflects not only the value of investment in your purchase with the knowledge you own something extraordinary that is no longer created, but also because you will re-use these pieces repeatedly. The Festive Feast at Seend House is set by Miranda using pieces that aren’t specific for Christmas. Instead, they are standalone pieces, that when put together with attention to detail, create a festive verdure tablescape.


The Table

 A faded red and green French Art Deco tablecloth is the perfect canvas for the table to sing, bringing ultimate charm to your dining arrangement. Layered at each place are hues of brown and white antique Gien services de table with its matching tureens and cake stands tucked amongst the overflowing foliage. Down the center of the table, antique terracotta pots from the garden are mixed with cast iron urns and 18th-century glass vases housing a whimsical combination of floral displays with dried and fresh flowers.


“I create all of my table arrangements and always try to forage as much as possible. It’s a great way to use what's readily available in your gardens or local parks, its super economical, sustainable and great for your wellbeing”


Peeking through the different textures are vintage gilt metal candle holders with floral illustrations and forest green wax candles, a testament to the French brand’s spiritual ethos. The warmth of the flame from the candles will lift the eye line to allow guests to enjoy the scope of the table. Other notes of gold and silver scatter around the table, from the honeycomb ribbon to the sterling knives sprinkled in mistletoe leaves to add that perfect dosage of festive glitz. Miranda's dear friend taught her how to make wreaths a few years ago and now she makes them every year. Here she has mixed yew and mimosa stems with dried purple berries draping off the back of the chairs to create a thoroughly festive welcome for guests.


Written by Emma Becque


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